Saturday, May 22, 2010

This Sunday: Live Blogging Tommy Boy on Meet the Press

In a move every bit as audacious and newsworthy as Barack Obama's decision to seek the presidency in 2007, Fire Tom Friedman will live blog Tommy Boy's appearance on Meet the Press tomorrow.* Critics (i.e. me) are already asking the tough questions about the decision to make the leap from regular blogging , including:
  • Having only written two (non-live) posts (three if you count this filler post), what makes me think I'm ready to blog live? Why not let the more experienced Mustache of Understanding tackle Meet the Press?
  • I'm not a multitasker. In fact, I'm not sure I've ever seen surfed the web while watching TV. (I lead a very cautious life.) What makes me think I'll be able to follow the action, think of something moderately clever or interesting to say, and type all at the same time? What if I become so mesmerized by Friedman's fellow panelist The Legendary Bob Woodward ("OMG - that's the guy who broke open Watergate") that I forget why I'm watching in the first place?
  • Isn't my life better for the fact that I've never actually watched Meet the Press before? Don't I have anything better to do on a Sunday morning?*
And yet, how could I not do it? If it's my calling to cyberstalk Tom Friedman (I signed up for Google Alerts on him; and not just one - "Tom Friedman" AND "Thomas L. Friedman"), don't I need to live blog? Is it not kismet that the very week that I start a blog about America's most insidious bloviating idiot that he is a guest on America's premier rountable for insidious bloviating idiots? Who knows when those stars will align again? (Maybe next week - as I said, I don't watch the show; he very well may be a regular guest, which would kinda suck for my Sundays). Besides, it seems like all the cool blogs live blog at some point and I really want to be a cool blog.

So tune in to this page at 9:00 AM tomorrow for FTF's first live blogging extravaganza!* And if all goes well, maybe I'll also live blog the finale of Lost tomorrow since I don't watch that show either.

*Disclaimer: If the weather is really nice and my daughter wants to go the park, I may not actually "live" blog. But at the very least, I will TIVO Meet the Press and try my best to write a snarky play-by-play at some point tomorrow.

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