Monday, November 15, 2010

Cruising With the Old White Men at the National Review

After four months of not writing a word, Fire Tom Friedman really needs a vacation. That's why I signed up for the National Review's Post-Election Cruise. It leaves today and I couldn't be more excited. Seven days and nights of Nordlinger!

When I told my friend, Screw David Brooks, that I was going, she was like, "Why would you want to be stuck on a ship for seven days with a bunch of gross, old, white dudes?" But SDB clearly doesn't understand that the faces of conservatism have changed. This is not your father's National Review - it's a big tent! Check out the speakers:

Speaker White? Male? Age
Bernard Lewis White Male 94
Phyllis Schafly White Female!!! 86
Cal Thomas White Male 78
Michael Novak White Male 77
John O' Sullivan White Male 68
Bernie Goldberg White Male 65
Scott Rasmussen White Male 65
John Derbyshire White Male 65
Peter W. Schramm White Male 64
Tony Blankley White Male 62
Kate O' Beirne White Female!!! 61
Michael Walsh White Male 61
Karl Rove White Male 60
Vin Weber White Male 58
Victor Davis Hanson White Male 57
James Lileks White Male 52
Ralph Reed White Male 49
Jay Nordlinger White Male 47
Rich Lowry White Male 42
Andrew Breitbart White Male 41
Jonah Goldberg White Male 41
Daniel Hannan White Male 39
Roman Genn White Male 38
Ramesh Ponnuru Indian!!! Male 36
Kathryn Lopez Hispanic!!! Female!!! 34
Andrew McCarthy White Male ???
Jim Geraghty White Male ???
Roger Kimball White Male ???
Alan Reynolds White Male ???
Rob Long White Male ???
Robert Costa White Male ???
Ed Whelan White Male ???
Kevin Williamson White Male ???
Greg Gutfeld White Male ???

For those of you who are statistically inclined, the speakers are only 91% male, only 94% white, and the average age is a sprightly 58. Sounds like America to me!

Depending on the ship's Internet connection, I hope to live blog/tweet from what is sure to be a wild and wacky seven days. Gotta go. Just saw Rove -- in a Hawaiian shirt! Jealous?

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