Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The Todashev Files: The Mystery of the Flying Coffee Table

Given my propensity to write fake reports, I'm probably not the best one to break down the Florida AG's report on Todashev's killing. But I've spent a couple of hours with it, and there's a lot that doesn't come close to making sense. Let's start with the coffee table.

According to the official version of events,  Massachusetts State Trooper Number Two is outside the apartment, while Trooper One and FBI Agent are inside with Todashev. Trooper One is sitting on the stairs to the apartment's second floor. FBI Agent is sitting in a folding chair across from Todashev, who is sitting on a mattress. In between the FBI Agent and Todashev is a large white coffee table. Todashev is writing his confession on the table.  Here's a picture of Todashev sitting in front of the table without the FBI agent.

Trooper One is getting concerned that Todashev is getting more and more agitated after confessing to Waltham murders. So he texts Trooper Two and FBI Agent, “Be on guard. He is in vulnerable position to do something bad. Be on guard now. I see him looking around at times.” But Trooper Two is on the phone so he doesn't see the text and stays outside the apartment. Meanwhile, Trooper One does not hear a "ding" indicating that FBI Agent received his text so he looks down at his phone to make sure his message went through. At that moment, FBI Agent looks down at his notepad.

With no eyes on him, Todashev leaps into action. He flips the coffee table into the air, striking FBI Agent. He then runs into the kitchen and starts rummaging around. Todashev then picks up a red broom stick and charges Trooper One. FBI Agent, thinking both his own and Trooper One's lives are in danger, shoots Todashev 3 times. When that doesn't stop Todashev, he fire four more bullets and kills him.

OK. Back to the table. According to the official version: 1) Both Troopers and FBI Agent were very concerned about interviewing Todashev in his home because they knew he was violent; after all the FBI had witnessed Todashev beat up a man badly in a parking lot (without intervening) and also watched Todashev's MMA videos on YouTube. 2) Both Trooper One and FBI Agent were very concerned Todashev becoming increasingly agitated and going to try something. 3)Despite these concerns, one Trooper left the room while both FBI Agent and Trooper One took their eyes off Todashev. 4) Todashev attacked at the very instant he was unwatched.  (This version of events is found in both the State AG's report and his letter summarizing his findings.

But it gets much weirder. Here's a picture of FBI agent's head where he was supposedly hit by flying table.

Notice the gash is on on the back on his head. Now remember, he's sitting facing Todashev looking down at his note pad. How did the coffee table cause this wound? Go back and look at the coffee table. It's big. Granted, Todashev is one strong dude. But he threw the coffee high enough in the air to come down and land on FBI Agent's head from above?

And then there's this: When Trooper One submitted written testimony (p.34) the day after the incident, he wrote "I was sitting on the stairs across from SA (FBI Agent) , who was sitting in a chair directly across from Todaschev, who was sitting on the bed.  A small table (emphasis added) separated SA and Todaschev." 

But the real kicker is this:  The FBI Agent's description of what happened to his head (p. 46), also taken from written testimony the next day.
I was reading my notepad when I heard a loud noise and suddenly felt a blow to the back of my head. I was knocked partially off my chair, but  caught myself. I saw Todashev running past me and I tried to grab him. I removed my weapon from the holster and aimed the gun at Todashev who had run towards the kitchen.
To recap: In testimony the next day, FBI Agent doesn't even mention being hit with a flying table, just that he "felt a blow to the back of my head." Now I understand that he was looking down at his notepad, but he didn't happen to notice that the blow to his head was caused by that big (small?) coffee table flying through the air?

The official FBI and Massachusetts State Police version of the coffee table -- faithfully regurgitated by Florida DA -- is crap. And that's just the coffee table. There's so much more blatant and obvious bullshit in these here 500 pages.


  1. This criticism is weak.

    First, the use of a relative term such as "small" is hardly cause for suspicion. The table is small in terms of height. It may not be as small as a bedside table, but neither is it as large as a boardroom desk.

    We also have no way of knowing how heavy that table is. For all we know it's made of cheap plastic and particle board, and could have been picked up with one hand and brought down with a fair amount of force.

    That in mind, depending on the angle that the table was flipped/thrown/wielded, a leg could easily come around the back of the Agent's head and cause the injury shown in the picture.

    How hard is it for someone to look up, see that the people investigating him for a murder aren't paying attention, and choose in that moment to take action? Not very. Especially when that person is trained to take advantage of split-second vulnerabilities when engaged in physical combat.

    I don’t necessarily believe the official report either, and I certainly find the whole thing very suspect. This analysis, however, would only be adequate to confirm a preconceived notion. It doesn't point to any actual or quantifiable inaccuracies or lies.

    1. Hi Kind Stranger!

      I'm not sure how I'm supposed to point out quantifiable lies as I have nothing to compare the official story we've been fed to. All I can do is point to contradictions and things that seem weird.

      I'm curious why you didn't address point that FBI Agent didn't appear to know he'd been hit with a flying coffee table the next day.

    2. Again, I think you're filling in blanks with your own assumptions. A failure to specify the object he was struck with does not indicate an ignorance of what the object was.

    3. I'd refer you to this breakdown of events, complete with other photos from the scene. At other angles you can see the size of the table is rather small, and you can also see that the position of the Agent relative to Todashev and the table easily accounts for the location of his head wound.

      Again, I'm not saying this isn't suspicious. Your argument here just doesn't hold water.


    4. I would like to add that Ibragim Todashev had gotten extensive surgery to his knee and was still on crutches when he was being interrogated. Tatiana Grudzeva even said that Todashev was unable to stand by himself, ( without the help of the crutches).
      It is possible that this table was lightweight and since he was a strong dude he could have thrown in. What disturbs me is the lack of mention of Todashev`s blow to the face. His wife Reni mentioned that the Coroner told his friend Husein Taramov who took the photographs of Todashev that Todashev has received a blow to the face with a some sort of metal object that has fractured in the areas around he left eye; cheekbones, zygomatic arch. This injury was never mentioned in the report. We have yet to see his autopsy report as well.

    5. Todashev was lightweight fighter. 5'8" tall, weighing in at 155 lbs before fight night. Probably weighing more when not fighting and not cutting weight but not more than 175lbs. Looks normal on pictures not overweight or unnaturally muscular. There is a limit to how strong a person that size can be. He was not an exceptional fighter.
      That said many tables can be easy to throw. But if a table is that easy to throw would it deliver that much damage. Hard to say without replaying the scene I think.
      In any case the whole story including the table does look very very suspicious.

    6. But Todashev seems to be just too stupid. Instead of running away he tries to fight two armed men. How did he manage to graduate from University or convince State Department that he needs an asylum when he really didn't need one?
      So he was waiting all this time for the officer to look other way so he can throw the table and run to the kitchen and then fight two armed men?

  2. The table obviously knocked the agent senseless and it took him 10 months to remember anything. Poor guy.

  3. That wound is something much more than it looks, it is the entry hole for the alien invertebrate that was in subject Todashev at the moment of its discovery, by valorous agents of the various agencies so valiantly risking everything including their own personal consciousness parts as the worm could get in their thoughts and makes them bad and worm-supporting thoughts. And it did as we can see in the photo.
    When they saw it wiggling behind his eyes and they shot shot shot shot shot shot shot it as best they could they had to they had to because it was inside there where it's hard to get clear fire, the brain's in there and other organs of individual selfhood, they tried to save him but and then when the worm realized T. was hit and going under, fast, it did that mega-dimensional cross-temporal instant leap between hosts, but it segmented too and also got inside the other agents of agency through smaller entry wounds hidden by clothing, and now it's in there, in them. Poor guys.
    So we should be really careful, because the hosting shells look just like regular human agents of superior intelligence and athletic ability would look, except for the wriggling things behind their eyes, and certain verbal idiosyncracies traceable to non-human infestation influence on language/speech center. Also stool samples can be very revealing,

  4. I strongly suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev was an FBI Informant.

    His behavior, especially the shouting and arguing with the Iman at his local Mosque, and the repeated and ignored warnings from Russia are indicative of him having been an Informant.

    Shouting out radical nosense at mosques is a common tactic the FBI employ and teach their informants to do in order to weed out potential radicals within that mosque. They do this with the idea that like a moth attracted to a flame, a person with that ideology will approach their informant, they can then proceed with the entrapment process. The controlling agents could then use Tamerlan Tsarnaev’s secret numeric number to report on radical Imams at local mosques, radical persons attending those mosques etc.

    They could have also sent him to Russia as a mole. Russia is are geo-political enemy, and they have openly supported Chechen extrimist`s attempts to separate from Russia, and provide an independent Chechnya. If the controlling agents wanted Tamerlan Tsarnaev to return to Russia, Chechnya, or Dagestan, they could remove his name from the TIDE or change the spelling of his name to permit him easier travel. This would also keep other agencies from responding to his travels.

    Which is exactly what happened.

    Todashev`s death could have just been an attempt to cover up their relationship with Tamerlan Tsarnaev.

    I strongly recommend reading, " The Terror Factory; Inside the FBI`s Manufactured War on Terror".
    The FBI has an abusive relationship with their informants, and it could have been a motivating factor in the bombings.

    Just saying.

    1. I think the theory that Tamerlan Tsarnaev had a relationship with the FBI prior the bombing is very plausible. I think it's plausible Todashev was aware of this and/or had a prior relationship with the FBI. It's certainly more plausible than official versions.

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